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ePromotora Program

The ePromatora program is a cost effective, scalable system that trains parents who are not familiar with the US educational system in research and evidenced based techniques and skills to enable them to teach their children the basic Pre-K skills and to prepare their students academically.

At a per parent cost of hundreds of dollars, not thousands of dollars, the ePromatora program effectively scales to prepare communities of children to be Pre-K ready. Parents, regardless of socio-economic status or literacy level, can successfully participate as an ePromatora.

Texas leads the nation in the increase of children under 5 years of age. This historic increase in the number of children in Texas under 5 whose parents are not familiar with the US education system has outstripped the current infrastructure to prepare children for Pre-K. Over the last five years, the English Language Learner (ELL) population has grown by 60%, which is three times faster than the growth of the overall Central Texas student population – already three times faster than the growth in children throughout the state.

The ePromatora program was developed as an innovative program using Best Practice evidenced based tactics for parents not familiar with the US educational system and whose primary language is Spanish. The ePromotora program leverages the parent’s social networks to teach their children Pre-K skills and reinforce literacy.